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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

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Looking after your tattoo is the most vital part of the tattoo process. Most places will advise you different steps but these are what I personally suggest.

  • Leave the Saniderm wrap on for two days. Don't worry about the tattoo, it'll look a little goopy from the plasma and excretions from the tattoo process.

  • After two days, remove the Saniderm wrap in the shower and wash the tattoo with anti-bacterial soap, pat dry with a clean towel. Leave to air dry further.

  • Apply a suitable amount of lotion to the tattooed area.

  • Repeat the last two steps twice a day, applying lotion more if the tattoo looks or feels dry. ALWAYS wash your hands before.​

Please be careful around pets, animals and wear suitable clothing for the area that's just been tattooed. All tattoos use sterile new equipment and OE gas sterilized disposable needles. Nothing is re used.

Once you leave the studio its out of my hands and your responsibility to ensure your safety and reduce the risk of infection. 

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