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Welcome to the Caltattooart Home Page

Caltattoo was born in the UK in 1989 and raised in a small village out in the countryside.

Art had always played a vital role from a young age, drawing landscapes and portraits to a high level of detail even at such a young age. Continuing through his school years his main interests were only ever Art or Design based lessons. 

At the age of 18 and after a failed attempt to become a successful Architectural Technician due to global recessions, he took it upon himself to travel and find his inner self. Travelling around Australia and New Zealand was where he was able to take on a new talent and put his artistic skills into a highly skilled trade.

He started his apprenticeship back in 2012 for a small tattoo studio, mainly being self taught, he was allowed to take on small project roles for walk in clients, practicing what ever came through the door. 

Moving on he has been fortunate to work alongside the talent of Pepa Heller at Bohemian tattooarts, Tauranga and Matt Jordan of Shipshape Tattoo Orewa, This helped him to learn further, to better his skills and focus in an area of the tattoo industry he specializes in "Black and Grey Realism".

Cal continues to strive and progress his style. "Im always looking to progress and push the boundaries of what I know. Be it working alongside other talented artists or attempting to push the design process to create something unique for the client. It allows them to have a design for life that is just theirs, the only other copy would be on the website or Instagram".

Cal currently works in Calgary AB with regular global guestspots.


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