As with Covid19 we will have a new protocol in palce to keep you and myself safe. As of July 1st 2020 these are as followed:

  • Only youself will be allowed to your appointment, No friends, Family, Partners... Nadda.

  • You MUST wash your hands and sterilise using the provided dispensers after use of the bathroom, eating, smoke breaks etc... I will ask you to sanitise to view it myself.

  • Masks MUST be worn at all times - Please bring your own or they can be purchased from me for an additional $5. Theyre washable, reusable and dope.

  • If you feel sick stay at home, do not chance anything, If you have been in contact with someone who is/has become sick, contact me right away to reschedule.

  • The studio will be operating a lock door policy, Counter staff will assist you with opening & locking the door. 

  • A QR code will be put on the shop door, simply scan with your phone camera and fill the form out prior to your appointment time. -Must be done every time we have a sitting.

  • Cellphones & Ipads will be wiped clean, please do not make any calls during your appointment, texts are ok, watching movies/personal music is OK.

  • Please do not put personal items on working surfaces, youll be shown where to keep your belongings. This includes payments, please hand directly and not put on work surfaces.

  • All bookings by appointment only, Consultations will be heald via Zoom or Whatsapp video calling.

  • ANY signs of sickness or refusal of co-operation will result in you being asked to leave, loss of deposit & time owed paid & settled.